Knighton & Stone, PLLC began with a vision to provide full service estate planning, business planning, taxation, and commercial litigation support to Texas residents and businesses.

Since its beginning in 2001, the firm continues its full service estate and business planning, tax planning, and commercial litigation tradition, but has expanded to service clients not only in Texas, but throughout the Western Hemisphere.

The attorneys at Knighton & Stone, PLLC each have the background, experience and know-how to structure transactions and planning, and dedicate ourselves to informing, protecting, and guiding you through your most important decisions. Throughout the process, we craft powerful strategies to help you achieve your goals and successfully resolve legal matters.

Our commitment to superior client service drives our work for you. We build our relationship on teamwork not only within our firm but also with you. We first listen to your concerns, then encourage direct, but creative and innovative thinking to satisfy your objectives. The end result is to deliver on the promise of superior client service by anticipating needs, providing value, committing to help, and delivering to your satisfaction.

If we can help for your estate planning, business planning, taxation, or commercial litigation needs, please contact us for your initial consultation.

Initial Meeting
Plan Preparation and Follow Through
Review & Signing
Implementation and Monitoring

Our System

  1. Initial Meeting:
  2. In the Initial Meeting, we get to know one another to determine your goals, and concerns, and provide our recommendations to meet your needs.
  3. Plan Preparation and Follow Through:
  4. In this phase, we prepare your documents for you and work with you to ensure you understand the planning.
  5. Review and Signing:
  6. At this stage of the process, we meet with you to review your documents, answer any questions, and properly sign them.
  7. Implementation and Monitoring:
  8. After signing, we implement any planning associated with the legal service we provided, and monitor your situation to determine if you need any further advice.

Our Values

  • Clear Priorities:
  • We work with you to determine the plan for your needs, the timeline to complete your plan, and the steps to implement it.
  • Teamwork:
  • The attorneys at Knighton & Stone, PLLC work closely with one another, the staff, and your professionals in order to craft a plan that works best for you.
  • Proactive Response:
  • We spot present and potential legal issues for you so that you can focus on the recommended solutions.
  • Value-Driven:
  • We pair our attorneys and staff with your specific legal need to provide the best result for you.
  • Client Satisfaction:
  • When you succeed, we succeed.